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Playball is a progressive sport’s and developmental program, taking into account the child’s emotional and physical capabilities. Children between the ages of 2 to 9 years can participate in the Playball program. Every age group at Playball has its own learning content to ensure that your child is taught according to his/her age.  Everything your child is taught at Playball will eventually help with READINESS TO LEARN as well as SCHOOL READINESS.

Classes are once per week, small enough for lots of individual attention, big enough for lots of fun.

We at offer 3 of the Playball stages at The Circle of Life Edu-Care; Two Can Do, Watch me at 3 and Dinkies

The ‘Two can do’ phase is for the 2 going onto 3 year old child. The classes are 30 minutes long with 4 to 6 pupils per class. In this phase we focus on the discovery and explore. The class is structured in such a way that the pupils feel comfortable and knows what to expect. Here we are laying the basic foundation for movement. The two’s still need to become aware of the wonderful things their bodies can do, and need lots of practice in the basic building blocks of locomotion, balance, body and spatial awareness, muscle strengthening and fine motor skills.