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“Manners4Minors is offered as a co-curricular or extra-mural course at your school, on a weekly basis by a trained  Ms Manners.

Through Personal, Social and Emotional Development using a fun, interactive and age appropriate approach (not forgetting our special hand puppets who are the real stars!), we are succeeding in laying the Building Blocks for a strong core value system, which in turn supports the learning and home environment.


  • Good manners and social skills
  • Attitude of Willingness to please
  • Respect
  • Awareness of choice of behavior
  • Acceptance of consequence
  • Empathy
  • Consideration of the feelings of others
  • Conscience
  • Confidence

This 40 lesson per year programme is currently being offered by numerous schools around the country and internationally.  The response from parents, teachers and more importantly children has been phenomenal! Our puppets help to teach the children the emotional side behind what is expected, and why, in a fun lesson – they get to learn how manners make people respond and how good it feels to use good manners.

From the little seed of teaching basic manners has evolved a life altering programme which will assist any child to grow in self-esteem and confidence in himself and pride in his ability to act appropriately in any situation and, without doubt, change some children’s lives forever!